Over 15,000 ccs of Rumbling V8.

Over 15,000 cc of V-8 muscle provides an unforgettable tarmac shaking rumble as you take the wheel of these all - American super beasts!
Unquestionably the Ford Mustang was the original “Ponycar” – a totally new market segment. Our GT Fastback’s design echoes that of the original although its driving characteristics are impressively contemporary. The Chevrolet Corvette has been the premiere two seater sportscar Stateside for 50 years. As you will see when you get behind the wheel ours has got Supercar levels of performance and handling for you to enjoy! What has a V -10 truck engine of 8,000 cc, 400 horsepower , rear tyres like dustbins and no roof, side windows or exterior door handles? Meet the Dodge Viper. Not a car for the shy or retiring or one that you will forget attempting to tame!

  • 3 laps in a Dodge Viper
  • 3 laps in a Ford Mustang GT
  • 3 laps in a Corvette C5
  • Session lasts approximately 1 hour
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