Classic Legends

A fantastic collection of FIVE classic cars for you to drive!

The nimble Ferrari 308 an instant success, partly because it was impossibly pretty and partly because of the TV series Magnum P.I.  Now sought after as a fast appreciating classic, our example is fabulous to drive.

Coveted by serious car collectors and enthusiasts alike, many regard the 1972 RS as the best driving Porsche 911 of all time. Built to go racing this car was light, powerful and agile spawning generations of successors.

When Carroll Shelby suggested to AC that they shoehorned Ford’s lightweight V8 into their pretty little sports car, they jumped at the chance. The result in this lightweight roadster was sensational – one of the fastest accelerating cars of the 60s!

The 1966 Lotus Elan, tiny when compared to modern cars is one of the ultimate drivers cars.  Imitated by the Mazda MX5, but never bettered!

Last and certainly not least, the fabled Jaguar Mark 2, fully deserving of its Grace – Space – Pace strap line. It might have had a country house interior but it had sports car humbling speed making it popular on both sides of the law throughout the 60s!

  • 3 laps in a Ferrari 308
  • 3 laps in a Porsche 911
  • 3 laps in a Cobra
  • 3 laps in a Jaguar Mk2
  • 3 laps in a Lotus Elan
  • Session lasts approximately 2 hours
  • A Certificate
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