Mustang Muscle

From its launch, the Ford Mustang was a blockbuster success. More than 1 million Mustangs were sold in the first 18 months of production, dwarfing initial sales forecasts of less than 100,000.

With their long hoods, short tails and large V8 engines, the Ford Mustang spawned a whole new genre of muscle cars which came to be known as the “Pony Cars”.

Wild Horses couldn’t keep buyers away and to this day the Ford Mustang evokes the same emotions; folks just can’t get enough of them, so here’s your chance to drive a pair of them. Old and New, Classic and Modern, 50 years of history.

Long hoods, short tails, large V8 engines……… 100% Pony Cars!!!!

  • Drive 3 laps in a 1966 Ford Mustang V8
  • Drive 3 laps in a 2010 Ford Mustang V8
  • A Certificate upon completion
  • This experience lasts approximately 1 hour
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