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The ARDS course is an assessment of drivers who wish to enter motor sport. The purpose of the course is to ensure that any person now driving in motor sport has at least a full knowledge of the flag signals used and is able to drive consistently and predictably around a motor circuit at reasonable speed so as not to be a danger to other participants.
The course also covers basic first aid, race meeting procedures, driving etiquette etc. Before attending an ARDS course drivers will need to obtain a "Go Racing" pack from the MSA (Motor Sports Association). Phone: 01753 765000. This pack contains the MSA competitors' yearbook, the ARDS DVD, the race license application/medical form and a list of ARDS member schools. Drivers will need to complete a medical with their doctor before attending the ARDS course.
Basic ARDS test: £310 Inc. VAT Half day course/test/assessment for people who intend to go racing and have some previous track experience ie have driven on track days and are therefore familiar with the Motor Circuit environment or have previously held a race licence and let it lapse,
should be noted that a complete novice who has never driven on a track before would be unlikely to pass. The course is more an assessment than training day and includes minimal familiarisation laps before drivers will be assessed.

  • All courses need to be booked in advance. We run many different courses and driving activities on the circuit every day. For logistical reasons, should a driver "fail" a course, we will not be able to give extra instruction or re-assess a driver that day.
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