Single Seater

You will drive for 4 thrilling laps, tackling Goodwood's sweeping corners and demanding chicane.

As Goodwood is one of the fastest circuits in Europe, this session starts off at a sensible speed with instruction in an Alfa Romeo saloon car.

An experienced and friendly Instructor will take you round for a couple of laps, showing you the correct line, braking and gear changing points. Before strapping you into a single seater he will want to check out your driving, so you change places for a couple more laps under his watchful eye.

Finally you are out again, this time in a slick tyred Formula Ford 2000 racing car, complete with wings front and rear to help you grip the track.

  • 2 laps Instructor Demonstration in an Alfa Romeo
  • 2 Familiarisation laps with client driving
  • 4 laps in a Formula Ford 2000 Single Seater
  • This session lasts approximately 1 hour
  • A Certificate
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