Slicks and Spokes

A true driving enthusiast's dream!

First a training session in an Alfa Romeo saloon car with an Instructor. Goodwood's sweeping circuit is then open to you to take the wheel of a FF2000 single seater racing car.

A change of style and pace follows as you choose 2 cars from the following impressive stable of contemporary and classic sportscars. How about a svelte and refined Aston Martin V8 Vantage or a sonorous Ferrari 355? Or a brutally powerful pair of muscle cars from the modern era – the Dodge Viper and the Chevrolet Corvette. We’ve got a Ferrari 308 from the 80s or you can compare older with newer versions of the same model with our 66 Ford Mustang Fastback and contemporary Ford Mustang GT or an early 70s Porsche 911 with the 996 version. You will enjoy picking two of the above, but you’ll enjoy driving them even more!

  • 2 laps Demonstration by the Instructor
  • 2 Familiarisation laps with Instructor
  • 4 laps in a Single Seater
  • Choice of 2 cars from the selection mentioned, drive 3 laps in each car
  • This session will last approximately 2½ hours
  • A Certificate
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